1. It  Dont Mean A Thing (D. Ellington/ F. Comstock/Warner Bros)
2. Over the Rainbow (H. Allen/F. Constock/ Warner Bros)
3. I Cant Stop Lovin You (D. Gibson/F. Comstock/Warner Bros)
4. Besame Mucho (C. Velazquez/F. Comstock/Warner Bros)
5. Dont Get Around Much Anymore (D. Ellington/F. Comstock/Warner Bros)
6. S Wonderful (G. Gershwin/F. Comstock/Warner Bros)
7. Lady Be Good (G. Gershwin/F. Comstock/Warner Bros)
8. Summertime (G. Gershwin/F. Comstock/Warner Bros)
9. Rock Around the Clock (M. Freedman/J. Nowak/ Hal Leonhard)
10. Good Times (L. Nowak/Hal Leonhard)
11. Hello Dolly (J. Herman/J. Nowak/Hal Leonhard)
12. Night Train (J  Forrest/J. Nowak/Hal Leonhard)
13. The Way You Look Tonight   (J. Kern/J. Washington/T.B Harms)
16. The Pink Panther (H. Mancini/F. Comstock/Warner Bros)
17. One O Clock Jump (C. Basie/F. Comstock/Warner Bros)
18. C.Jam Blues (D. Ellington/P. Cook/Warner Bros)
19. Sattin Doll (B. Strayhorn/J. Nowak/ Hal Leonhard)
20. How High the Moon (M. Lewis/J. Nowak/Hal Leonhard)
21. Georgia on My Mind (H.Carmichel/ F. Nowak/ Hal Leonhard)
22. Fever (E. Cooley/R. Holmes/Hal Leonhard)
23. All of Me (S. Simons/L. Niehaus/ Kendor Music)
24. Fly Me To The Moon (B. Howar/S. Nestico/ Hal Leonhard)
27. Martinique (S. Nestico/ Hal Leonhard)
28. In the Mood (J. Garland)
29. Take The A Train (B. Strayhorn/D. Berger/Hal Leonhard)
30. Do Nothing Till You Here From Me (D. Ellington/S. Nestico/ Hal Leonhard)
31. James Bond Theme (M. Norman/T. Davis/Warner Bros)
32. Chattanooga Choo Choo (H, Warren/J. Hest/Warner Bros)
33. Light my fire (Doors/R.Holmes/Hal Leonhard)
34. What A Wonderful World (B. Thiele/J. Nowak/Hal Leonhard)
35. Girl Talk (N. Heft/P. Herbolzheimer)
36. Black Coffee (S. Burke/ F. Murtha/)
37. Every Day I Thing The Blues (P. Chatman/R. Holmes/Hal Lenohard)
38. I am beginning to see the light (D. Ellington/M. Taylor/Hal Leonhard)
39. My funny Valentine (R. Rodgers/J. Nowak/Hal Leonhard)
40. Angel Eyes (E Brent/M. Harris/Kendor Music)
41. Teddy The Toad (N. Hefti)
42. Switch In Time (S. Nestico)
44. I ve got you under my skin (C. Porter/M.Taylor/Hal Leonhard)
45. Willow Weep For Me (A. Ronell/M. Taylor/Kendor Music)
46. Big Spender (M.Coleman/St. Burgess/ Dr. H. Sikorski)
47. Mercy, mercy, mercy (J. Zawinul/P. Jennings/Hal Leonhard)
48. Skyliner (Ch, Bernet/P. Wijnnobel)
49. Killing Me Softly (N Grimbell/L. Vinall/London Orchestriation)
50. Mood Indigo (D. Ellington/P.Cook/ Warner Bros)
51. Feels so good (Ch. Mangione/V. Loopez/Belwin Jazz)
52. Pennsylviania 65000 (J. Gray/J. Hest/Robbins Music Corp.)
53. The Man I love (G. Gershwin/F. Comstock/Warner Bros)
54. String of Pearls (J. Gray/B. Lowden/Hal Leonhard)
55. Oye como va (Tito Puente/J, Cooper/Warner Bros)
56. Its all right with me (Coole Porter/B. Kossuchin/ohne Verlag)
57. All the things you are (Jerome Kern/Roger Holmes/Warner Bros)
58. Jumpin at the woodside (Count Basie/Rich Derosa/ Belwin Jazz)
61. Bei mir bist du schön (Shalom Secunda/B. Kossuchin/ohne Verlag)
62. One Note Samba (Antonia C. Jobim/Nowak/Hal Leonhard)
64. Chamelion (H. Hancock, P. Jackson, H. Mason, B. Maupin)
65.The Lady is a tramp (Rodgers/Wolpe/Hart/BelwinJazz)
66. Route 66 (B. Troup/M.Sweeney/Hal Lenohard)                                                                          67 Deed I do (F. Rose, W.Hirsch/Arr. D. Tanner/ London Orchestriation)
68 Happy Birthday (Trad., B. Kossuchin/ohne Verlag)
69 St. Luis Blues (W.C, Handy/M. Sweeney/Hal Leonhard)
70 Sway (P.B. Ruiz/b. Kossuchin/ohne Verlag)
71 Aint Misbehaven (Razaf/Waller/Brooks/Lowden/Hal Leonhard)
72 Fly my tot he moon ((B. Howard/Nowak// Hal Leonhard)
73 Smooth (Thomas/Shur/Holmes/EMI)
74 Quando (Renis/Kossuchin/ohne Verlag)
75 Besame mucho (Velazquez/Kossuchin/ohne Verlag)
76 Beethoven in Swing (L.v. Beethoven/Kosuchin/ohne Verlag)
77 The Blues Walk (Clifford Brown/Paul Murtha/Second Floor Music)
78 C´est Si Bon ( Henri Betti Аrr. B. Kossuchin(ohne Verlag)
79 Americano  (Renato Carosone Аrr. B. Kossuchin, ohne Verlag)